A Cup with Rumi: Poetry

This is a unique collection of spiritual poems combined with inspirational Rumi verses. The book includes introductory essays and appendices. This is the author’s third book of poems.

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Praise of A Cup with Rumi: Poems

“Once again, Flamur’s new book of poems is an inspiration for people of all backgrounds. These beautiful poems are full of life lessons and reminders about the past and the future ahead of us.” — Naser Bresa, author of Retrospektiva

“Vehapi’s collection of poetry is fascinating and keeps the reader engaged throughout … A great book to share with friends and family.” — Robert T. Harrison, author of Britain in the Middle East: 1619–1971, and professor, Southern Oregon University

“Flamur is a prodigiously talented writer with a true gift for poetry. His intuitive sense of how words look, sound and “feel”, combined with his desire to share insights into complex matters of life, religion, faith and family, allow him to express himself with tremendous beauty. His poems are deep, powerful and richly evocative. I cannot recommend this fine book enough.” Joel Hayward, author of Warfare in the Qur’an

“These are poems of deep thought and reflection, intertwined with motivational wisdom from the spiritual realm.” — Burhan Al-Din Fili, author of You Were Created to Be a Star, Not a Burning Meteor

A book full of wisdom and inspirations. I highly recommend it to anyone; whether they are readers of poetry or not, they will simply love it.”
Hathal bin Maqbal Al Subaie, manager, Culture Center at King Fahd Military Medical Complex, Dhahran

This precious collection of poetry will soothe the hearts of poetry lovers no matter who or where they might be.” — Didmar Faja, author of Shprehi Dhuntitë E Zotit Tënd

I found myself compelled, humbled, and charmed by this amazing set of poems. Flamur navigates universal themes with joy, reverence, and humor. It reminded me to go out and do something meaningful with this precious time called life.” — Dana Lundell, director of mentor programs, University Studies, Portland State University

Beautiful poems containing a message of love, understanding, and peace, and many other much-needed reminders in a world full of distractions.”
Salma Ahmad, president, Islamic Society of Greater Portland