Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam

Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam: Islamic Perspectives on War, Peace and Conflict Resolution argues the case for Islam as the prescription for constructing and maintaining a society of peace, tolerance, compassion, justice and equality at every level of humanity. The book draws exhaustively from the Qur’an and hadith, and other field related sources, and investigates and analyses historical events from the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the early caliphate of Islam. The author concludes that in its essence Islam is a religion of balance and peace, and as such it should be viewed not as something distant or foreign but as a modern catalyst for conflict resolution, peacemaking and peacebuilding in the global arena. Some of the topics covered include: – Historical truths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims – The concepts of war and peace in Islam – Ethics of war and peace – Islam and Just War Theory – The question of nonviolence – Human nature and inter-personal conflict – Prophet Muhammad as a peacemaker – Muslim women as champions of peace – Practical peacemaking and conflict resolution tips – and much more.

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Praise of Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam

“This is a fine work of first-rate scholarship written by an insightful and original thinker who has already proven his creative mastery of the literary arts. Flamur Vehapi has an equally good mind for critical analysis and the rare ability of making even very complex political and theological concepts accessible and comprehensible to the lay reader. He builds a strong and compelling argument upon a foundation of wisely selected and responsibly utilised sources, and he lets that argument unfold in a logical and persuasive fashion. Vehapi writes precisely and without wasting words and thus manages to keep the book relatively short despite covering all topics thoroughly and sensibly. I read it in two evenings. I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it without hesitation.” — Professor Joel Hayward, author of Warfare in the Qur’an

“Mr. Vehapi’s work is worth reading and making part of your library collection. The book addresses readers who are striving to understand and seek peaceful solutions to the world’s conflicts. Wisdom will always prevail over coercion.” — Col. Dr. Edan M. Al Zahrani

“This is a must-read book for those who want to understand Islam and its stance on war, peace and conflict resolution. Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam is a well-thought-of and well-written book…simply brilliant.”
Burhan Al-Din Fili, author of Burrnia Foli