The Book of Albanian Sayings: Cultural Proverbs

This unparalleled work includes over eighty pages of Albanian wise sayings and proverbs, carefully translated into English by the editor, a native of the Albanian language. Additionally, the book includes commentary, a brief introduction of the history and culture of the region, and appendices such as a glossary of terms, a historical timeline, and a transliteration chart.

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The Book of Albanian Sayings

Praise for The Book of Albanian Sayings

“A one-of-a-kind selection of great value.” — Burhan Al-Din Fili, author of Hope is Alive

“The wisdom found in these sayings is profound, but so is Flamur Vehapi’s thoughtful commentary. I commend him for preserving what otherwise might have disappeared: a treasure trove of cultural sayings that will enrich and fascinate every reader. I’m not Albanian, yet I repeatedly nodded and smiled at how accessible, meaningful and transforming these sayings are.” — Joel Hayward, author of Poems from the Straight Path

“A work of art and an invaluable treasure for anyone who comes across it.” — Naser Bresa, author of Retrospektiva

“This is a collection of estimable gems for everyone to have in their own libraries.” — Hathal bin Maqbool, the Culture Center, KFMMC

“This is a clever little treasure trove of collective pearls of wisdom and proverbial maxims.” — Brandon Mayfield, co-author of Improbable Cause